END – Black Friday – Hawk Host up to 65% off Hosting & VPS, with lifetime coupon

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Finally, the most awaited Black Friday 2022 deal has appeared, Hawk Host is up to 65% off.

hawk host Black Friday 2022

Although this year is completely different from the previous year, Hawk Host has tried a lot to bring the same promotion for us:

  • Up to 65% off your first bill, or
  • Up to 55% lifetime discount, renewal also applies.

Hawk Host is the best Hosting service provider recommended to use on Share Coupon, with Hong Kong and Singapore locations accessed from Vietnam very quickly, without worrying about breaking the cable.

If you register, please prioritize Hong Kong, I’m using both Hosting and VPS here to serve some Woocommerce sites, extremely fast and stable.

Note that the 65% off code can only be registered with a maximum period of 12 months only, choosing 24 months will report an error. If you want to sign up for a long time, choose the 55% lifetime coupon.

1. Promotion Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting packages have similar resource limits, no limit on the number of domains used, but you need to consider the capacity between the 2 plans (10GB and Unlimited) to register. Black Friday prices are on sale, so you should choose the most advanced package to buy.

Get CouponDiscount 65% Off First Payment (New)

Get CouponDiscount 55% Off Recurring (New)

* Payment can be done by Visa/Master card or PayPal. Applies to both old and new accounts.

2. Semi Dedicated Promotion

Semi-Dedicated are Shared Hosting packages with higher configuration, more stable, better load capacity. Suitable for sites with medium to high traffic. There are Singapore and Hong Kong locations for you to choose from.

Get CouponDiscount 65% Off First Payment (New)

Get CouponDiscount 55% Off Recurring (New)

3. Promotion Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting has limited server resources similar to Shared Hosting packages, but the difference is that you can split a package into many other packages with separate cPanel accounts to share for others to use. You also need to consider storage space before signing up.

Only Hawk Host has Reseller locations in Hong Kong and Singapore, if you want to register as a Reseller, this is the best choice.

Get CouponDiscount 30% Off Recurring (New)

4. Promotion VPS (Cloud Compute)

Hawk Host has a very good VPS (aka Cloud Compute) location in Hong Kong. I’m using 3 packages here, stable, super fast speed without worrying about breaking the undersea fiber optic cable. All in all, nothing to complain about.

The price of Cloud Compute service is usually quite good, the discounts only apply to large packages of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of RAM.

Get CouponDiscount 30% Off Recurring (New)

See details here.

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